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Throughout the past few years, the Department of Public Safety has released numerous travel warnings about going to Mexico during Spring Break. Generally these warnings have been too late, causing many students to have already made their spring break travel plans and had them approved by their parents. However, this year, it seems that the DPS is starting early in order to ensure that there’s less of a risk that students travel to Mexico at all. Although students have been traveling to the warm beaches of Mexico for years, the crowds are beginning to get progressively smaller.

Some students have begun to believe that things are getting a little better in terms of the violence and other issues that are known to happen in Mexico during these times. It’s been said that the situation is slowly improving in comparison to some of the previous spring breaks when violence has been known to be a very scary reality for parents and students who are traveling within the area. Most students have noted that their parents would never even let them go to Mexico for spring break because of the bad stigma that it has gained over the years for these issues.

The Department of Public Safety continues to discourage people from traveling to Mexico during spring break, despite the claims that things have improved over the years. They even go as far as to discourage people from traveling to some of the most popular tourist resorts and locations which are generally deemed to be safe. During spring break, it’s just far too risky, and although there have been reports of improvement over the years, there are still enough reports of crime and violence being present that make traveling to Mexico during this time to be a legitimate threat.

However, there are a lot of students which aren’t even interested in traveling to Mexico at all. Many of them are opting to travel to other locations or even just stay at home. One of the main reasons for this is because students are becoming more concerned with their expenses and budgets more than anything else now that student debt is consistently rising. Although trips to Mexico may seem to be an inviting option for spring break, they are generally very costly and students have to save up for them throughout the year – if a student doesn’t have the budget for it, it’s just not a reasonable option for them to consider at all.

As a result, there are a lot of students who are opting for other alternatives which would be cheaper and likely more safe. In the past, some students were focused enough on going to Mexico that they attended despite the warnings from parents the DPS because they had already made the investment into the expenses of the trip. There are options for those interested in similar and safer travel destinations for the Spring Break season. To check on a list or to confirm that an area is safe for travel, contact your local travel agent for packages and package discounts.


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