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So, you decide that you want to go on a vacation to a place where you don’t know how to get around much of the region - or you’re purposely opting not to take taxis everywhere because they can be a very expensive luxury over the duration of a vacation. How do you make the most of your vacation without feeling like you’re missing out on everything? Is your vacation still worth taking? The obvious solution is to take the ever popular hotel vacation instead.

A hotel vacation is when you essentially choose a location in a city where you could stay busy throughout the week just by staying in the general vicinity of your hotel. In example, many of the hotels in Daytona Beach are surrounded by activities and other related options that are worth checking out. Most of the hotels are directly on the beach, which means if you want to enjoy some time in the sun, it’s as easy as leaving your own hotel room. Likewise, there are amusement parks and many other fun activities available right around the corner.

This isn’t to say that because you’re taking a ‘hotel vacation’ you won’t do any traveling or sight seeing around the town. Your goal here is to just make sure that your hotel is in the center of the areas that get all of the action. Therefore, you can take that taxi to go to some of the most popular spots in the city and not worry about paying a fortune going to and from your hotel the entire time. This is what makes the option ideal.

Of course, some people will think that this concept would encourage the use of some of those very popular hotels that are located next to the airport. This is one mistake that you do not want to make, ever! Not only is staying at the hotel by the airport fairly disappointing, it will be very expensive for you to get into the main part of town via taxi, you won’t be near any sightseeing areas, and you will be very bored. Likewise, most hotels that are too close to the airport aren’t actually high quality enough to merit a long stay there.

Ultimately, being in your hotel doesn’t have to feel like a punishment on your vacation if you know how to pick the hotel and the location. Choose a location that you won’t mind exploring by foot if necessary, and make sure you choose a hotel where you won’t mind spending some of your free time when you’re tired of exploring the city. As long as you don’t mind being adventurous and checking out the many different elements that will surround the block you are staying on, you will find many unique aspects to the city that you would have never noticed before.


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