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FlightTrack is ideal for ensuring that you won’t be late for your flight ever again. It provides users with real time information about their flight, covering more than 16,000 airports and 1400 airlines around the world. This app can be used to help you find gate information, flight delays, and numerous cancellations that may occur. The free version will provide you with information about interactive retractable flight cards and even flight maps. The paid version provides a variety of accolades from some of the top companies, such as Forbes and Mashable.


If you are seeking some help for planning your itinerary, you may want to check out this app. It allows you to forward your hotel, flight, car rental, and other types of travel information to one place. When you have uploaded all of the information, it provides you with an easy to follow trip itinerary. You can also connect your TripIt information to an online calendar so that your reservations and other information will update on the calendar as needed. You can add maps, custom notes, directions, mobile alerts, and so much more.


This app is great for the fact that it takes some of the main airport features and makes them available in an easy to use app. The JourneyCard provides information about the check in terminal, airport weather, flight departure e time, and information about the overall status. You can use the FlightCard to learn more information about your flight such as delays, gate information, estimated wait time, and other related information. If you need to learn where to local gift shop or eatery is, you can check out the airport amenities feature. The app also has a partnership with Avis so that you can find rental cars with 5 to 25 percent discounts.

Google Translate

Google Translate is now able to translate spoken words from over 65 different languages. The conversation mode allows you to communicate with another person by using the speech to speech translation option, mainly in 14 languages. This is an ideal option for individuals who are traveling to a location where they may not be completely familiar with how to properly speak the language and could use some assistance with getting information and communicating about basic topics.


If you’re trying to figure out where you should go to eat or even how to just get around to some places, the Yelp app is very helpful. The ‘nearby’ setting will use your GPS to help you find out where some of the closest restaurants are. You can also check out user reviews to find out which locations are the best, regardless of if you are in search for amenities or food during your rip. This way you can make sure you go to some of the best areas available.

There are dozens of travel apps available through iTunes and the Android Play Store that can help weary travelers plan their destinations. Explore the different options and find the one right for you.


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