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It’s been said that taking a vacation can help to improve your sleep and several other factors of your life, according to a new study. People who go on more vacations experience a lower blood pressure and have a better chance of dealing with weight loss. The benefit is said to last for at least two weeks after the vacation period and sometimes can even last much longer than that, such as a period of months. According to the Holiday Health Report for 2013 from the Kuoni Travel and Nuffield Health, 12 people were studied over the period of the summer of 2012. Half of the people within the study went on vacation while the other half were allowed to stay home and work as per usual.

The tests seem to reveal that the blood pressure of those who went on vacation dropped by six percent. Those who stayed home experienced their blood pressure rising by two percent. Individuals who had vacationed experienced a 17 percent improvement, although 14 percent deteriorated if someone decided to stay home. Likewise, people who were able to take a vacation were able to recover from stress 29 percent easier than those who were staying at home. Stress resilience is said to have fell by 71 percent for those who have to stay home and cannot go on vacation. The study also noticed that people who were vacationing had a decrease in the amount of their blood glucose levels. This provided them with a reduced risk of developing diabetes and would allow them to have smaller waistlines, as well as an improved sleep, better energy levels, and a consistently better mood.

Essentially, the belief is that going on vacation people to not only feel better throughout the year, but it is one of the reasons that can keep people healthier, assuming that they are vacationing on a regular basis. If you feel as if you may be coming more stressed out or you just aren’t feeling as healthy as you usually do, you may want to consider when your last vacation was and start planning accordingly. Even a short vacation can be an ideal way to help improve your health and can have greatly positive effects on your body in the long run.

Although there are some who will argue that they just can’t afford to take a vacation, a point that should be considered here is if taking a vacation really outweighs the amount of medical costs that are possible if your health goes astray during the year. Sometimes taking a vacation can be the best method of prevention for some of the more bothersome health conditions available, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or even depression. In this sense, taking a vacation even for a few days can be an ideal way to encourage better health and save on future medical costs.


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