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Long distance travel may mean bus, plane, or car travel. These options are the travel methods where most travelers find the need for certain comfort must haves. With TSA and other travel rules and regulations, the must haves may be a bit difficult to take with you. These are a few must haves that are approved by TSA, major bus lines, and can go with you easily if car travel is the option. Each item will fit into carry-on luggage if necessary and will make your trip a bit easier.

Portable Charger

A portable charging device is a must have for long distance travel. These travel devices allow you to charge your cell phone, mp3 player, netbook, tablet, laptop, and other electronic device. If you plan on a trip where your Kindle or other device will be used for several hours, then you will want a way to charge on the go. Portable chargers run between $10 and $150 depending on the devices they handle. Most are no larger than the palm of your hand and hold a charge for up to 48 hours. Charge before you go and when the juice runs out of your device, simply plugin and recharge.

Refillable Water Bottle

Always take some sort of refillable water bottle with you on long distance trips. There are several benefits to do this. The first is cheap and easy refills of drinks on the go. If you are traveling by bus or plane, these bottles can save you money on beverages. Instead of paying the high cost of a vending machine or airport terminal stop, you can refill for free. They will also allow you to avoid long lines if you only want a drink to keep you going. Most bottles will keep a cold drink on ice for several hours, which is also a benefit. Remember, when traveling by air, the bottle must meet TSA standards and must be empty at the time you go through the terminal checkpoint.

Travel Pillow

There are hundreds of travel pillow styles on the market. Some travel pillows are simply neck brace style pillows while others inflate to a normal size pillow for longer travel times. These pillows are available at most bed and bath stores or in airport and bus terminals. If you are traveling by bus or car, a larger pillow will do nicely. However, if you are traveling by plane you may want to consider an approved travel pillow from one of the airport terminal stores. They will cost more, but you are ensured that the pillow will be fine for plane travel.

These items are the three main items to take with you on long distance travel. A charger will ensure all your electronics will work properly and connect with you communication pathways, email, and ways to cure boredom. The water bottle is healthy, saves you money, and on longer journeys may save time spent in boring long lines. The travel pillow will give you that extra comfort. In other words your sleep, entertainment, and health are considered with these three must haves for travel.


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