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If you’re like most airline travelers, you may have wondered if those special airline membership club cards and their related credit cards are even worth considering. Generally speaking, most airline membership club cards don’t cost anything in order to keep you validated as a member; however, the credit cards can be rather costly over a period of time because you are always making purchases in order to help lead towards your eventual earning of airline miles and points at your preferred airline. Some people swear by these options and say that they work the best for them, whereas other people say that they are not helpful at all. So which is true?

Actually, the answer varies by person. Generally, the people who benefit the most from these types of rewards membership cards and related credit cards are those who are travelling all of the time. If you’re a business professional or someone who is essentially always traveling, this would be the right choice for you because you would be earning miles and points constantly regardless of what you were doing. However, if you are someone who takes the occasional trip every once and while and you don’t often travel, this is not going to be the best bargain for you. In fact, the interest associated with those credit cards is costly enough on its own.

Membership plans where it doesn’t require you to make any additional purchases or pay any hidden fees are ideal because then you can use them any time you want. Essentially you earn your benefits from being a member over a period of time. This is more reasonable if you’re someone who travels occasionally but doesn’t want to deal with the issue of investing time and money into flights that you may never use. Additionally, you should always consider those plans where you can transfer your points as needed and can even transfer them to loved ones flights. This way, you can be sure that points are being used whenever you need them to be and that it’s convenient for you to use them; there are too many stories of people participating in these plans and never having the chance to use their points because they realize they don’t transfer and the airline goes out of business later on in the year.

Ultimately, individuals have to consider how often they are willing to travel and how far they are willing to go in order to get their points. Some people don’t mind making constant purchases in order to earn points and miles because it makes up for the times when they aren’t flying; therefore, they have points even when they can’t travel. Other people don’t want to invest their money like that, so it’s best to consider all of the options and what works well for your own budget.


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